Days 109-111: Sweating Through The Pain

Day 109: On Friday morning my friend Jenny and I went for a three-mile walk in Washington Park.  I had planned it to be an easy day of working out since the rest of the weekend was going to be packed with high intensity workouts.  Unfortunately, I ended up catching a bug that knocked me out the rest of the day on Friday and all day on Saturday.  My friendly friday walk was the last amount of big movements I’d be making for the next 48 hours.

Day 110:  I read recently that people who consistently workout average one cold a year and people who do not workout consistently average four colds per year.  Since I am now characterized as a person who works out frequently, I knew that there was a chance of sickness at some point during this challenge.  This was my time.  Friday night I could barely swallow and my head was pounding.  Saturday morning it became apparent that sweating was going to be a painful challenge.

Thankfully, I have a fiance who held me accountable.  We got super bundled up and went for a twenty-minute walk around the lake at Washington Park.  He even held my arm the entire time because I felt super weak.  Do you remember that entire lazy body feeling you would get when you were a teenager and your parents would ask you to do something and it felt like your muscles couldn’t physically move?  That’s what I felt like all day yesterday.  Hence the need to lean on someone during a walk.

Day 111 Today I woke up feeling a little better, but still not fantastic.  I knew I was going to have to take it easy again.  Mike planned out a hike for us at Red Rocks that was 3.3 miles with a 600 foot elevation gain.  That sounded doable to me if we took it slow.  Fortunately the breath-taking views kept my mind occupied from the pain in my throat.  The trail ended up getting really icy in spots, which naturally slowed us down- which made my achy body happy.  Overall, it took us 80 minutes and we came straight home to relax right after.  I am really hoping that my body decides to continue to heal after small gentle sweats all weekend.  Here’s to finding out if workouts can lead to a cure.

2 responses to “Days 109-111: Sweating Through The Pain

  1. I really enjoy your blog… I found it via the Denver Post. What a great challenge you’ve made for yourself. Very inspiring too. You and your fiance are adorable. 🙂 I grew up in Colorado, went to school in Boulder, and then moved to San Francisco. I married someone from the Bay Area so now this is home. I love hearing about your walks and runs around Wash Park. 🙂 I got hit with a nasty flu/cold on Friday night too … I was out for the count yesterday, but managed to go on a bike ride with my kids today. Interesting about people who work out usually only get one cold a year. Thank God for that. That’s another reason to keep me exercising! 🙂 Hope you feel better soon!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Angie! I hope that you get to come back to Washington Park and run every now and again. I am so glad to hear that you too sweat through the bug, I am sure that your kids appreciated it! Thanks again for reading and I hope that you feel better soon as well!

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