Day 105: Accidents Happen

I might sound like a broken record here, but I really did not want to workout today.  We are still working hours and hours everyday to get our place put together and it’s exhausting.  The thought of taking the time to drive to a studio, take a class and drive home was giving me serious anxiety.  When I can’t even find enough time in the day to organize the linen closet, how can I justify two hours of commuting/yoga?  I couldn’t, thus came the 30 minute run around my neighborhood.

I must have been feeling pretty lethargic because right after I made a quick turn I tripped over a large branch and fell completely down on the ground.  I got up, brushed off, did the standard “I’m going to laugh this off smile while looking around to see who saw,” and kept running.  This got me thinking about accidents in life and how we respond to them.  Do you shrug them off and smile?  Or do you beat yourself up for making the mistake in the first place?  What do you decide to learn from them?  Although today was just a physical accident, I decided to dive deeper into it to see what I could learn.  Picking up my legs a little more would have prevented it, so would have paying closer attention to my surroundings.  Either way I look at it I’m just glad that I’m not hurt and it won’t prevent me from going on another run this week.

What sticks got in your way today and how did you respond?  Take a closer more honest look and explain to yourself what you find out.

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