Day 91: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Day 91:  One of the worst feelings in the world to me is getting out of a warm bed on a cold day and today I had to do that twice.  That might sound lazy, but let me explain!  Mike and I had to drive from Washington, DC to Norfolk, VA at 3:30 a.m. for him to finish up some paperwork to process out of the Navy.  We were back in the District eating pizza by 1:30 p.m.  We were tired puppies.

When we got home we both crashed for about 90 minutes, which only left time for a quick 45 minute workout.  We raced down to the gym in my parents building and did our own respective body moving.  I’ll admit, I was incredibly low energy.  I kept going back to the warm bed lazy feeling and then I’d think about this and perk my bod right up:  Denver Post Debut

Needless to say, that helped me get through the busy day.  Now I am off with my darling man, big brother, Mom and Step Dad to celebrate Michael being out of the Navy!  Afterwards, I get to reunite with some old DC pals.  I’d say today is pretty wonderfully, perfectly, fantastically (cold)!

3 responses to “Day 91: Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Congratulations to your fiancé for completing his time in the Navy (and thank you for serving our country Michael!)….and congrats to you too Betsy on the great Denver Post article and for getting to day 91 already!! Celebrate!!!

  2. Yay!!! I loved the article, congratulations!!

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