Days 79 & 80: Anticipation

Day 79:  Yesterday Michael returned home to the US after almost an entire year of being deployed.  Needless to say, working out was the furthest thing from my mind.  Fortunately because of the public commitment that I have made to working out, I forced myself into some yoga in the comfort of my own home.  I put on a Gavin Degraw mix and flowed for an hour.  Or at least I think I did…my mind was absent from my practice.  I am pretty sure it was somewhere with my heart near Norfolk, VA.

Day 80:  I am not sure how many days it has been since I have been to Core Power Yoga, but judging by the amount of sweat on my mat I would say it’s been awhile.  Today I went to a level 2 class and found myself struggling to get through the whole hour.  I fell out of quite a few simple poses.  When I say “fell” out of poses, that actually might be a under-exaggeration.  I think most people in the class glanced at one of my mighty crashes from a sideways twist.  Again, my mind is really elsewhere right now and I’m having some problems focusing on my yoga practice.

Luckily tomorrow is a new day and it brings a new workout.  I think I’ll stick with something that requires less concentration and more intense cardio.  A run in the park should do just fine.

*This is a great picture of Mike and I look confused.  I think it’s hilarious and an accurate depiction of our relationship.

2 responses to “Days 79 & 80: Anticipation

  1. i love that picture…. and you

  2. Not as much as I love you!

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