Day 58: Deep Thoughts

This morning I went to Pura Vida  and decided to try out my ability to run indoors.  It turns out that when I get bored on the treadmill my tendency is to want to quit (or take pictures of the mountain view from my tready- which really weirds people out).  Thank goodness I just finished reading, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” by Mindy Kaling because she gives really great tips on how to keep your mind occupied while working out.

Mindy recommends coming up with in depth “revenge fantasies” while jogging to help the time pass.  Here are the examples that she gives that you can try out, “they kidnap and murder my husband on our honeymoon,” “I get that woman who was rude to me at Saks in trouble,” and “Al Qaeda takes NBC’s The Voice hostage.”  Although her fantasies are hilarious, they did not speak to the revenge part of my brain (which I actually do not think that I have, is that possible?).  Instead I played out the fantasy of Mike getting off the plane and me running up and hugging him, over and over and over again until I realized that I had run four miles.

Other random thoughts that came up while I was running and weight lifting:

  • I love watching women with killer bodies workout.  It does better things for my motivation than taking steroids would do for a bodybuilder.
  • The best part of a weight lifting machine is the picture that shows what muscle it targets.  It’s a constant reminder that I can never remember what machine does what at the gym.
  • On my first day of class freshman year of college my soon to be favorite professor told our Sociology class, “the one thing I wish someone would have told me on my first day of college is that ‘Nobody is watching what you’re doing at the gym, just do your own thing.'”  This creeps into my mind almost every workout I have ever done in the past 10 years.  Thanks Professor Suarez.
  • Back fat really is hard to get rid of.
  • I kept coming back to the thought, “if people want to do x in their life, then what holds them back from doing it?”  Seriously, just do whatever x is, there is a reason it keeps creeping into your brain.
  • At some point I should invest in a camera for my blog.  Cellphone pictures really can only take a blogger so far.
  • I hope that as I age I will continue to wear lululemon pants- I feel sad for the old bums that do not know about what these pants have to offer.  Seriously.

2 responses to “Day 58: Deep Thoughts

  1. Love this post. Ah I want to read Mindy Kaling’s book! So far I just blog stalk her. Amen to the back fat–it really is so tough to get rid of! And thank goodness for Lulus. They seriously make bums look awesome.

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