Day 57: Froga

Friends + Yoga = Froga!  If you’re interested in buying this clever word from me then please contact me ASAP, as I’m sure there will be lots of other captivated buyers.

Today an old pal from my college days at Indiana University was in town with her fiance and wanted to try out some Denver yoga.  So we froga’d at Core Power on Grant for a CY 1.5 level class.  My friend Lauryn is one of those people who is up for anything at anytime, even if she is not too sure about it.  In class today the instructor had us go from three-legged dog to a flipped dog (basically a wheel with one arm up) and Lauryn turns to me and says, “uhh, can you do that?”  I said, “yes, and so can you!”  Within ten seconds I look over and Lauryn is “flipping her dog” with a huge smile on her face.

No matter how long Lauryn and I are friends, whenever I think of her from here on out I will imagine that upside down smile with a look of victory in her eyes.  It’s so nice to know that friends made at age 19 can still be great friends at age 28, regardless of how many miles there are between us.  Hopefully at age 65 we will still be froga’ing together around cities all over the US.

2 responses to “Day 57: Froga

  1. You so have to teach me how to flip the dog.

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