Day 54: Treat Yo Self (To Yo Own Flow)

I am on a “treat yo self” kick today.  You’re probably wondering where that awesome phrase originated and here it is:  Thank you Tom Haverford for giving us another reason to celebrate ourselves!

Since I was treating myself today, I decided to pay attention to the fact that my body was feeling extra tired and sore.   A lovely way of treating myself (tonight) was trying out my own yoga teaching skills in the comfort of my guest bedroom.  I chose this room because I never go in there, which makes me feel less distracted than other rooms in the house.  I lit a few candles and put them in the holder that my favorite yogini of all time, Shannon Von Burns, gave me to help me feel at home when I moved to Denver.  Although they are homey and beautiful, I think more of Shannon and her beautiful heart whenever I see them.  That helped set the tone for a peaceful practice.

I turned on some Pandora “yoga music” (note to self: buy some sort of yoga cd, those ads really mess up a girls’ flow) and guided myself through an hour-long flow.  I was amazed by how much I trusted myself throughout the practice and how quickly I was able to push any judging thoughts aside.  I was even surprised by how easy it was to tune out my life while I was in my comfortable home.   And what I thought was going to be the worst part of my home practice, ended up being the best; feeling my overly loving cat rub on my legs or face during every downdog.

Tonight I found a new love for yoga at home and I think that my cat Jack,  the channeling of Miss Von Burns and Tom Haverford are to thank!

3 responses to “Day 54: Treat Yo Self (To Yo Own Flow)

  1. I can relate far more to your style of “treat yo self” than Tom’s. Doing yoga at home was a big leap for me. How am I gonna know what’s next? Sometimes I use the aid of a video, but there is nothing so soothing as trusting that I will find my own way into saluting the sun or dancing with the moon. I know how to be a happy baby all by myself.

    What a great thing to see your downward dog and cat mingling so peacefully. Ahhhh.

  2. So my plan is working. You light your candles and light up my life. I love you, your blog and pretty much Everything Betsy!

    Miss you sweetheart and still praying for Norfolk.

    Hugs and kisses,

  3. I am really enjoying following your journey, They are great inspiration for me!

    Susan Foster

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