Day 47: System Slowed

I ran 4.5 miles today and felt like I had a 10 lb weight belt strapped around my belly from yesterday’s feast.  My run was slow as was my heart from all of the creamy amazing food that in still running through my system.

I am looking forward to tomorrow once it feels like it has left my body and I will be back to green smoothies and tofurky.

*I am terrified of running through the massive amounts of geese at Wash Park.

2 responses to “Day 47: System Slowed

  1. I met my husband trying to be brave about a goose. Geese are sometimes mean. Be careful out there 🙂

    • I zoomed this in as much as possible, I’m so terrified of geese! Sometimes I will even run in a different direction if I see that I’m greatly out numbered. Remind me to ask you the story of how you and David met, my curiosity is peaked!

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