Day 46: Thankful for Running

Since this is Thanksgiving, I will keep this short so that you can go back to your friends, family, laughter and third round of pie. 


My family is spread all over the world, luckily, I have a wonderful friend, Micha, who invited me to spend today with her big Texas family in Colorado Springs.  We started the day with a 5k Turkey Trot that overlooked the snowy mountains, while we warmed our bodies in the (almost) 70 degree weather.

Although my daily workout was running, I spent the day swimming in Texas style family love and an abundance of gratitude.  Happy Thanksgiving!

2 responses to “Day 46: Thankful for Running

  1. I know I’m suppose to comment about the exercise but I have to marvel at the picture placement on your blog relative to the text. This is some kind of magic which I’ve had some trouble executing. You are such a star. Of course we already knew that.

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