Day 41 & 42: Creativity Is Key

Day 41:  Yesterday was one of those days that I was so busy that I am surprised that I remembered to brush my teeth.  I had a friend coming over in the evening and I wanted my house to look clean, so I woke up early to breakout a sweat and bleach the tub.  During my 90 minute cleaning frenzy I worked in 100 push-ups, 100 crunches and 100 squats.  I had a little guilt thinking this did not count as a workout, but I was sweating like crazy, grooving to tunes and slightly out of breathe.  This definitely counted.

Day 42:  Trusty old Core Power Yoga- level 2 yoga class tonight.  My stomach is still slightly having issues, so I felt a little off in class.  I had to keep clearing my mind of painful belly thoughts to help me get deeper in my poses.  It was a challenging class and definitely one of those days that I did not have an overwhelming desire to workout.  But of course, I left the class feeling ten times more centered and peaceful than when I walked in.  Some days it is just about pushing myself further than I thought possible- today was one of those days!

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