Day 34: Rising Above Mediocrity

The last thing that I wanted to do this morning was wake up early and go for a run.  As I was laying in bed dreading my soon to be lack of breath, I thought two things:  1. You do not have a choice and 2.  Stop being mediocre.   Both of these things might not sound very loving coming from a life coach, but they were exactly what I needed to hear to get my butt out of bed and into some running tights.

Of course I had a choice, I could choose not to run or not to workout today.  But I wanted to choose something that made me feel good, not something I would regret.  I also thought that choosing to stay in bed is something that a mediocre version of myself would have done.   Instead, I went against my general instinct to have a resting heartbeat and ran over six miles.  This is the furthest I have run since I have been in Colorado.  Six miles used to be a standard short run for me- but now that yoga has become top dog, six miles felt like a marathon.

As I was running I kept coming back to my two original thoughts and was happy that I know when to be gentle to myself and when to kick my own butt.  So on day 33 I ran 6.4 miles- take that mediocrity!

2 responses to “Day 34: Rising Above Mediocrity

  1. Sometimes something as trite as”you go girl!”……Sounds just right.

  2. You totally ROCK!!!! I am proud of you for a million reasons almost all of which you’ve always demonstrated with fortitude, intelligence, happiness and hopefulness!! XOX Mom

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