Day 23: Level 2/3

Yesterday I received a one week trial at Kindness yoga.  Therefore, the next six posts will all be about this amazing studio.  Today I was nervous to go because I decided to  try out my first Level 2/3 class (intermediate/advanced).  Again, my co-worker just happened to be in the same class…perhaps I have a stalker dressed head to toe in lululemon?  Hmm.

I have been practicing yoga for a year and a half and only practicing it consistently for the past eight months.  It has been in these past months that I have realized all the benefits of yoga. Not only does it stretch, tone and strengthen, but it clears my mind and makes me feel centered.  I look forward to seeing where my practice takes me this year and cannot even imagine where it will take me the rest of my life.  Namaste to you all.

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