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One Workout A Day For One Year….

This may not seem like a huge undertaking to some or maybe it seems like an astronomical feat to others; but to me, it feels like a commitment that is going to push my limits, kick my butt, teach me discipline, help rid me of love handles and probably a plethora of other things that I have yet to realize.  I’m going to workout everyday for one year.  Let me start by telling you what my life looks like now and how I arrived at this point.

I just moved from Washington, DC to Denver, CO a month ago.  I am a life coach who works primarily with people trying to lose weight and better their health.  I also have a rocking part-time job with lululemon athletica and I am encouraged to workout with my co-workers there many-a-time every week.  I used to be 45 pounds heavier and had a very sad heart that yearned for something more.  As of now, my workouts are inconsistent and I vary from 3-4 workouts per week that include yoga, running and pilates.  My fiance is a hunk and can run a mile in half the time that I can, which intimidates the hell out of me.  I just want to be clear on one thing, this is not about me losing weight, it’s about me wanting to challenge myself in a way that I never have.

How many of you out there are good at making excuses not to workout?  I’m really good at it!  My favorite days are when I tell myself “you deserve a day off,” and I’ve already had two other days off that week.  This year I will ban all of my excuses, shake up my routine, try new workouts and hopefully meet lots of fun people along the way.   As my best friend pointed out to me, “you’ll even have to workout the day after your bachelorette party and your wedding day!”  I know these things and that is why I’m hoping to enroll as many of my supportive friends and family in the process.  Oy.  I’m incredibly reluctant to do this, but for the sake of my (fingers crossed!) devoted readers, I will post pictures along the way to see how my body changes.  What in the world am I getting myself into?!

To a year of blood, sweat and tears!