Day Ten: It Felt Like Winter

My alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. and I quickly turned it back off thinking, “I’ll just run after work tonight.”  However my cat, loved the idea of waking up and pawed at my face until I woke up enough to pet him.  I covered every inch of my body in clothing and headed out in the freezing cold to Core Power Yoga.  The studio is only five blocks from my house, how convenient is that?  I didn’t realize how close it was until I tried blasting the heat in my car (yes, I drove. It’s dark out that early!) and was sadly disappointed when freezing cold air hit my face.  I guess I would have to wait until my hot vinyasa class to warm myself up.

Today’s practice was monumental for me.  I actually held a head stand in class for as long as the instructor wanted (20 seconds? 30 seconds? a minute?).  I have never felt as proud in a yoga class as I did today when the instructor said, “if you’re in a head stand, please start making your way down to child’s pose.”  It was like someone walked into class and gave me a bouquet of roses…and I had planted and nurtured the seedlings into something big and beautiful.  Namaste to my cat, Jack, for being the wake-up call that I needed.

2 responses to “Day Ten: It Felt Like Winter

  1. Yes. Namaste, Jack!!

  2. I have a remote starter on my car so when I get into it in the morning it’s nice and toasty. I highly recommend an aftermarket one. 🙂

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