Day Nine: Old Fashioned Gym

After an overwhelming amount of different types of workouts in the last few weeks, I decided I just wanted a regular workout.   A “regular workout” differs for everyone, so I will describe what mine is.  It’s what I used to do at the gym before I was introduced to the world of yoga and outdoor running.

Today I used my visitor pass at the beautiful, Pura Vida, and spent 45 minutes on the elliptical watching a television show about sperm donation.  Although the story was fascinating, I realized that I do not really pay attention to my workout as closely as I’d like when I’m glued to the tube.  Side note:  I do not have a TV in my house, so this was particularly awesome to me.  After my stint on the elliptical I used some free weights and then finished up with a round of ab work in the stretching area.

It was really nice to go back to my old ways for a change, but I was reminded how happy I am with the introduction of a lot more challenging workouts.  My body is pretty grateful for that as well.

3 responses to “Day Nine: Old Fashioned Gym

  1. At Pura Vida? It that in Costa Rica? I’m Costarican and that is one of our favorite phrases!

  2. I would bet whoever named that gym is from Costa Rica or has been here and enjoyed it. Literally translated it means pure life, but it has become part of the country’s personality. It means everything is going just great, you also use it as a greeting, meaning you are doing well, are happy, relaxed. Purr Vida! And good luck on your challenge to work out everyday, it’s a tough one, but worth it!

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