Daily Archives: October 18, 2011

Day Nine: Old Fashioned Gym

After an overwhelming amount of different types of workouts in the last few weeks, I decided I just wanted a regular workout.   A “regular workout” differs for everyone, so I will describe what mine is.  It’s what I used to do at the gym before I was introduced to the world of yoga and outdoor running.

Today I used my visitor pass at the beautiful, Pura Vida, and spent 45 minutes on the elliptical watching a television show about sperm donation.  Although the story was fascinating, I realized that I do not really pay attention to my workout as closely as I’d like when I’m glued to the tube.  Side note:  I do not have a TV in my house, so this was particularly awesome to me.  After my stint on the elliptical I used some free weights and then finished up with a round of ab work in the stretching area.

It was really nice to go back to my old ways for a change, but I was reminded how happy I am with the introduction of a lot more challenging workouts.  My body is pretty grateful for that as well.