Day Eight: Listening

This morning I was rarin’ to go to the yoga class I had picked out the night before, Power Yoga at YO6th.  It was 45 degrees outside and 105 degrees in the studio.  That felt like a huge temperature variation and although I practice hot yoga a lot, for some reason it really challenged me today.  I was in warrior II and I had to drop down to child’s pose within 20 minutes of the class starting.  My body was shaking, my legs felt weak and my mind was starting to wander into a dark place.  I wanted to scold myself for “quitting” but quickly reminded myself of what yoga is all about, “listening to and connecting with your body.” 

I was listening and I made a physical connection when my body told me to gently take a break.  30 seconds of child’s pose and I was ready to get back up and finish my practice.    I left whatever insecurities I had about taking a break in a puddle on my mat and thanked myself for being so gentle.  It’s those breaks in working out and in life that help us achieve our bigger goals.  So I challenge you to listen to your body the next time it’s telling you something, it might know you better than you think.

One response to “Day Eight: Listening

  1. Betsy
    I love the realization!

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