Day Three & Four: Too Hot To Handle

My workout from day three was pretty boring, so I chose not to write about it yesterday.  I realized though that I want t0 write everyday to hold myself accountable and to let my readers know that I’m not slipping!  Yesterday I felt like doodle.  I didn’t sleep well the night before and the last thing I wanted to do was workout.  It would have been one of those days that I skipped my workout all together and went to bed early.  Alas!  I ran 4 miles in Washington Park (you will see a theme with this location, it’s my mecca in Denver) and ran my way into a more positive mindset.  Afterwards, I came home and spent the next few hours feeling renewed with energy and getting things done around the house.  Thanks run!

Today’s workout was my first attempt at a Bikram Yoga class at Yoga on 6th.  If you have never tried Bikram, then I umm, might recommend it to some folks strong at heart.  It’s like yoga on heroin. The room is 105 degrees, 55% humidity and the class is 90 minutes long.  You go through the same 26 poses in every class and hold each pose for one minute.  It’s intense and I spent the first 45 minutes glaring at the instructor while trying to make those pesky black-out dots leave my vision.  They eventually did, thank Ganesh.

The coolest part about this class had zero to do with me or my fellow lululemon’s that were with me.  It was the four female monks that were practicing in the row in front of me.  They came into the studio in their traditional clothing to lay out their mats and came back a few minutes later dressed primarily in lululemon.  Seriously?!  I got to practice yoga with four monks sporting lululemon?  This absolutely made my month.  They were beautiful to watch and I could tell that yoga meant something very different to them.  It inspired me to stay out of Savasana and in my poses.

I left this class very undecided on whether I would go back.  I might not be a Bikram yoga-goer and that’s ok. I would, however, follow those Monks around to the end of the earth if they let me…

2 responses to “Day Three & Four: Too Hot To Handle

  1. Monks in front of me in yoga?? Oh man you are living the dream, girlfriend.

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