Day Two: Barin’ It All

I would love to start today’s blog off a recap of my workout, but I’m too overwhelmed by the half-naked picture of myself that I’m posting on the worldwide web to do so.  Are you done judging yet?  Please be nice. Don’t worry, I made a mental note to get a spray tan before next month’s photo and to thank my father for the hereditary love handles that have been passed down to me.

This morning I went to Bar Method in Cherry Creek for a regular bar class. This is a semi mainstream workout, but I’ll explain what it is in case there is any confusion.  It’s an hour-long class filled with all women (100% of the time), dressed in tight clothing and wearing socks.  The socks part really throws me off, but I felt that it was important for readers to know that socks are somehow involved in this workout.  There are also mirrors on every wall and ballet bars that act as torture devices.  The first 10 minutes is usually cardio, followed by 15 minutes of arm exercises (while holding baby 2 lb weights that soon feel like 100 lb weights), then there are leg things that happen on the bar and then I blacked out.  Not really, but it gets harder and harder and for some reason the class NEVER gets any easier with practice.

The instructor and her assistant must have corrected me at least 17 times….not exagerating.  I thought it was amusing, they clearly did not think my lack of flexibility was a joking matter.

That’s it for today.  Aren’t my pasty thighs dreamy?

3 responses to “Day Two: Barin’ It All

  1. Killing me, absolutely killing me. Love it and you!

  2. I’ve got you beat by a mile in the love handles department. I am a clone of my father, just with more muscles, when it comes to that. We could have a pasty skin contest because I might win that one, too!

  3. I bet the sitch likes your creamy thighs… on a serious note, my “after” picture will never even come close to your “before” picture….

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